Into the Breach for Nintendo Switch

Into the Breach for Nintendo Switch is great. If you’re like me and enjoy turn-based games, retro graphics, and sci-fi themes, then you’ll probably love Into the Breach. Yes, this game came out years ago, but my backlog is waist deep so this is where I’m at and this is what you get.

Into the Breach - Switch Version

At the beginning of the game you’ll select a team of three mechs with unique weapons and a unique pilot. You’ll then begin by selecting missions in which you’ll need to survive a preset number of rounds while completing objectives like preventing key infrastructure from being destroyed and/or defending a city from a violent alien infestation. Along the way you may find and purchase new weapons and upgrades to outfit your mechs, your pilots will level up, and you’ll find new pilots who will give your mechs stat boosts or new abilities. After each set of missions (which are grouped on islands) you’ll have an opportunity to spend credits to buy gear or repair the power grid, which is basically your life gauge. After setting your mechs up again you’ll head to the next area to select another mission. Once you have completed a minimum number of islands you can challenge the final mission. When you die, you’ll be able to select one of your pilots to survive and join you on your next run, stats in tact. It’s not easy.

Into the Breach - Switch Version
Select which mission you want to attempt.

Some call Into the Breach a roguelike game. I hesitate to use that term, because it invites debates about what a roguelike really is, maybe this is a roguelite rather than a roguelike. I don’t know what the proper term is, but the aspect about this game that persists across gaming sessions is that you’ll unlock new mechs, and you’ll be able to save one pilot after each game so that he can start with you next time around. You can save him because… time travel. I joke, but actually the time travel element of this story works pretty well.

Into the Breach is done by the same designers who did FTL (Faster Than Light). I loved FTL. If you’ve played FTL I’m sure you loved it too. If you haven’t played it, look it up and check it out. This game does not resemble FTL at all if you ask me, but it’s just as good!

Into the Breach - Switch Version
Water rushes in from the top right of this map each turn, destroying landscape and any non-flying units in its wake.
Assign pilots and configure and power your mech’s weapons.

Why this game is great for me, a working dad:

  • Turn-based. Take a turn, change a diaper, dive back in.
  • One battle can be finished in 10 minutes or less.
  • Waiting a day or two between battles doesn’t diminish the experience.
  • It’s really a puzzle that will make you feel smart when you solve it.
  • There are so many achievements and team combinations that gives the game high replayability. Also, it’s hard.

I’m no pro gamer, but here’s some tips that might help you survive.

  • Block new Vek from surfacing whenever you can. You only take one damage when you do, and they’re much harder to kill once they have reached the surface!
  • The Swap Mech is surprisingly useful. Swap enemies into water. Upgrade the range to move your own units just a few squares closer so they can get the job done.
  • The Storm Generator coupled with weapons that create smoke can be devastating. I won my first normal difficultly run largely because I was able to generate tons of damage-dealing attack-nullifying clouds of smoke. The Jet Mech also played a key role.
Into the Breach - Switch Version

Verdict: If you like turn-based strategy games that can be played in short gaming sessions I’m certain sure you’ll love Into the Breach. Yes, it’s a port of an old game, but if you missed it the first time around like I did, I recommend Into the Breach without hesitation! And it’s inexpensive!

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Into the Breach - Switch Version
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