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Fightsticks – Japanese to help your shopping

If you’re into building fightsticks you might find yourself looking at Japanese websites to source your parts.

You know, those buttons from that one rare brand that you just can’t find elsewhere. Or maybe you’re going to visit Japan and want to shop for some parts so need some language help. I’m hoping this list of key vocab terms will help you out!

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Getting Started in Dungeons and Dragons as a DM

So you’ve got the itch. You’ve finally decided to run your own Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign as the Dungeon Master (DM). So where to start? D&D can be a daunting hobby to get into. There are so many things to consider. Minis. Books. Dice. Storytelling. Regular preparation. And then you have to find a few more friends who are willing to come along on this long-term adventure with you! If you can get a group together and get going, the effort is totally worth it. The memories of the adventures your party will create together while playing D&D will last longer and be more vivid than any experience a video game can provide.

So what stuff do you need to get started?

Bark at the Moon Illustration found in Dungeon 185 ~Feb 2010. Illustration by William OConnor
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DM Experience Running Bark at the Moon in DND 5e

I recently ran Bark at the Moon for a DND 5th Edition party. It was a lot of fun and the party seemed to enjoy it. Here are some thoughts on running this adventure published in the year 2000, today.

This write up does include spoilers, so if you hope to enjoy this adventure as a player someday stop reading now.

Bark at the Moon is an adventure that appears in Dungeon magazine #185, published in Feb 2010 by Robert J. Schwalb.

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How To Upgrade your Playstation 5 Storage

The PlayStation 5 has one (1) internal slot for an additional solid-state drive (SSD) that you can use to upgrade your storage capacity. You’ll need to take off the PS5 case, open the slot cover, insert your SSD, close everything up, and then boot up your PS5 and format the card. You’ll then be able to use the card to store some of your PS5 data.

It’s actually not that difficult, but like all tech things that involve opening up a $500 dollar gadget, it can be intimidating at first.

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