My First HeroForge Miniature for D&D Gaming

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time since high school this past summer. Our group has become fairly serious, and people started buying miniatures, so I jumped on the bandwagon during a Black Friday sale.

HeroForge Mini in Steel 1
Hero Forge Mini in Steel

HeroForge is the place (or a place?) to go for minis. Alternatively you can use HeroForge to design your mini and buy the digital file, and then send the file to Shapeways to have it 3D printed and mailed to you. As of writing, you can save a bit of money this way.

HeroForge minis are available in several materials ranging from cheap plastic to freakin’ shiny bronze. There are many stories on Reddit r/HeroForgeMinis about people ordering figures in the cheapest plastic and having them arrive broken, or breaking after being dropped one foot to the ground. To avoid that hassle, I decided to order mine in steel. It’s pricey, but hey, steel should last pretty much forever right? Right???

I’m not the type to collect things, so I designed a somewhat generic magic user that I suspect I should be able to use to represent a variety of warlocks, mages, and sorcerers. Right now I play a warlock.

Here he is! (Again.)

HeroForge Mini in Steel 3
Hero Forge Mini in Steel Side View
HeroForge Mini in Steel 2
Hero Forge Mini in Steel Back View (Kid’s Hand for Scale?)

Shipping was fine. As you can see, he came in a box that’s gotta be 20 times the size of the figure. He was wrapped in plenty of bubble packing material, and the figure was inside of a nice small ziplock baggie. Even though the box was pretty banged up upon arrival the figure was completely fine.

HeroForge Mini in Steel 4
Hero Forge Mini in Steel and Relatively Massive Box

I’ll attempt to paint this guy at some point, but wow, it’s so small! That’s going to be tough, but probably entertaining.

Can’t wait to get him on the table during our D&D games!

Also, this just in, Full-Color Miniatures coming to HeroForge!

An Interview with Shing02 about his memories of Nujabes (Seba Jun)

Shing02 : “Nujabes” との出会い 〜”Luv(sic)” 制作背景

One of my all time favorite musicians talking about his memories of one of my all time favorite musicians.

If ya know ya know… Shing02. Nujabes.

E22: Shing02’s works. Tons of free MP3s, and bilingual lyrics.

Nujabes [Wikipedia]

Nujabes feat. Shing02 – Luv (sic) Parts 1-6

The story of Luv (sic) as written by Shing02 [Reddit].

Another interview where Shing02 introduces himself, and talks about the origin of his stage name, Shing02.

Shing02 : 自己紹介 〜名前の由来

I had never heard of this ニート東京 channel and Instagram @neetTokyo. Def check it out if you’re into Japanese music.