An Interview with Shing02 about his memories of Nujabes (Seba Jun)

Shing02 : “Nujabes” との出会い 〜”Luv(sic)” 制作背景

One of my all time favorite musicians talking about his memories of one of my all time favorite musicians.

If ya know ya know… Shing02. Nujabes.

E22: Shing02’s works. Tons of free MP3s, and bilingual lyrics.

Nujabes [Wikipedia]

Nujabes feat. Shing02 – Luv (sic) Parts 1-6

The story of Luv (sic) as written by Shing02 [Reddit].

Another interview where Shing02 introduces himself, and talks about the origin of his stage name, Shing02.

Shing02 : 自己紹介 〜名前の由来

I had never heard of this ニート東京 channel and Instagram @neetTokyo. Def check it out if you’re into Japanese music.

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