Fancy Bar in Tokyo: Gen Yamamoto

While I was living in Tokyo I hardly ever took the time to seek out the luxurious locales the city has to offer. Cause you know, money. Now that I’m not living there anymore when I go back I try to be a tourist and do something fancy. Tokyo has a lot of fancy bars. Here’s one of the coolest, Gen Yamamoto in Azabu Juban.

As of writing, you can chose to a four, six, or seven cocktail course. I would recommend going for the six or seven course, as if you’re coming here at all, it’s probably a special occasion and you’re going to want to make the most of the experience. The alcohol content of his cocktails is not too high, so don’t worry about passing out from too many drinks.

Note, this bar has only eight (8) seats. while it’s possible to slip in without a reservation, it’s difficult. Call ahead! The bar tender speaks English. The cocktail courses are fully selected by the bar tender, Gen Yamamoto.

The cocktails change with the season and what is available, but they are all delicious and interesting. Perhaps more importantly to readers of this blog, they all have a unique Japanese theme or twist. The recent cocktails are often listed on the bar’s website if you want to check it out. Gen speaks English, so he’ll be happy to tell you about each cocktail and the ingredients if you ask.

Gen Yamamoto cocktail
Gen Yamamoto cocktail

If you’re looking for a special place to have a quiet and interesting night over some drinks, I strongly recommend checking out Gen Yamamoto. Again, be sure to make a reservation well in advance.

Gen Yamamoto:


Yuba – The Film on Top

Do you like tofu? Have you tried yuba? Yuba is often translated to tofu skin, and it’s a thin film of slightly firm film that forms on top of tofu when it is slowly heated.

I can’t cook, but apparently it is possible to make yuba at home.

If you’re in Japan it may take a little hunting but you should be able to find several restaurants that serve yuba, and hopefully a tofu speciality shop that has yuba on te menu. I would 10/10 recommend you give it a try. Yuba is tasty, light, and healthy.

Granted, if you’re really really hungry, yuba isn’t going to fill you up. But it’s a great experience!

Yuba before cooking
Still in a totally liquid state and being slowly heated.
Yuba firming up
The film on top, which is the yuba, is starting to solidify.
Yuba being pulled off the top
Pulling off the yuba.
Yuba ready to dip and eat
Ready to dip! In soy sauce, or other things.
Yuba in soup
Yuba in soup