Koshi Hikari Rice beer from Niigata

Not just any rice. Koshi Hikari!

Koshi Hikari itself is known as one of the highest quality rice brands in Japan. Despite the unmistakable quality and brand recognition of the rice, I wouldn’t have guessed this beer was made with rice if it wasn’t on the label. It had a light smooth taste and was refreshing and easy to drink, as they say in Japanese. I didn’t find it particularly amazing, but it wasn’t bad. It is certainly unique. I would recommend giving it a shot if you’re looking for something uniquely Japanese to try. For what it’s worth, the bottle is also wrapped in paper, as if it were a bag of rice.

I later tried Swan Lake Beer’s Porter, which, in my opinion, was a much more interesting beer.

Swan Lake Beer - Koshihikari
Swan Lake Beer – Koshi Hikari
Swan Lake Beer - Koshihikari - Label
Swan Lake Beer – Koshi Hikari Back Label
Swan Lake Beer - Koshihikari Front Label
Swan Lake Beer. Made in Niigata.


Swan Lake Beer:

Review on Beer Tengoku (these guys know their beer):

Nintendo Switch Setup Tip – Opt out of Google Analytics

By default the Nintendo Switch eShop shares your data with Google Analytics. If you don’t want to feed your activity to “Big Data” you can change your settings with a few easy steps.

On your Switch go to the eShop.

Select your profile icon that is on the top right.

In your profile section you’ll see Available Funds and whatnot. From there, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see the Google Analytics Preferences.

Just click the Button that says Change, and on the next screen select the Radio Button that says “Don’t Share.”

That’s it! Note, if you are also on the Japanese eShop, the option is there too.

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