Chusonji in Iwate Prefecture

I had the opportunity to visit Chusonji in Iwate Prefecture winter 2017.

You can read a lot about Chusonji online, and I recommend that you do. If you’re looking for an impressive Japanese temple to visit that is far enough off the beaten path that it isn’t crowded with tourists, this is a great choice. Chusonji and the entire town of Hiraizumi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so quality signs in English abound.

Iwate prefecture is up north at least three hours from Tokyo by train. Many visitors chose to fly. A visit is difficult to recommend for a first visit to Japan, but if you’ve been before and are looking for something different I would recommend taking a look.

I happened to be in town in December, so it was freezing cold and covered in snow. Here are some of the photos that I took. Note, some of the most famous locations do not allow photography, so these shots are not representative of the entire site.

Chusonji Temple Grounds
Chusonji Temple Grounds in December
Chusonji Temple Grounds
That water is cold…
Chusonji Temple Grounds
Tourist with umbrella for the snow at Chusonji
Chusonji Temple Grounds
Chusonji Temple Grounds


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