Warabi mochi in Kyoto

Ah, warabimochi. Read about warabimochi on Wikipedia. Is it one word or two? Does it have a hypen? These are the questions I have asked myself… and set aside because all I really want to do here is show you some photos and encourage you to try warabimochi the next time you are in Kyoto.

Warabimochi tastes best when it has been made the same day. If you buy it in a shop, the seller will usually warn you to eat it quickly. It’s softest when it’s fresh, and has that wonderful subtle flavor. The kinako is a fine powder and can catch in your throat if you’re not careful, so enjoy it with some nice hot green tea. The tea will also offset the sweet taste of the warabimochi. It’s a great traditional snack!

Warabi Mochi and Tea
Warabimochi in Kyoto
Warabi Mochi
The powder on top is called Kinako and is made from soybean flour.

Wondering where this particular warabimochi can be found? Here it is!

Rakusyou / http://rakusyou.co.jp/ / Closes at 10 – 5 pm / Walking distance from Yasaka Shrine. Map on their website.

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