Japan-based Folks to Follow on Twitter

Looking for some interesting people to follow on Twitter who tweet about Japan and Japan related things? Here’s a random smattering of tweeps that I have found interesting over the years.

@hikosaemon tweets the news, to put it simply, and he’s all over it. He also as an active YouTube channel that is worth checking out.

@BuSensei Bret is a scholar and a gentleman. He is a true kanji nerd and has passed Kanji Kentei Level 1 to prove it. He hasn’t been as active on Twitter lately but is also on Facebook and he has an intense Kanji website at http://www.busensei.com/. He is more active on Instagram as BuSensei these days.

@wesinjapan is a JSPS Fellow at the famous university Ritsumeikan and he studies disasters.

@UnseenJapanSite Essays & news based on Japanese sources. They put out and share a lot of content. You will be entertained.

@nosword is a translator who has been on the Japan scene as long as I can remember. His blog, http://no-sword.jp/zoku/, has some of the heaviest Japan cultural and language content that I have come across.

@Cheesemeister3k is playing video games in Japan. Cheery guy. Good stuff.

@Mulboyne is a great source for news on Japan.

@makiwi writes about Japan and is quite active on Twitter.

It seems that more and more people are leaving Twitter for Instagram… I’m behind the curve. Not sure if Instagram will ever be my preferred platform. Guess I better catch up.

Any other Japan tweeps you’d want to add to this list?

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