Raging Bulls – a Print and Play Board Game

Here’s a fun print and play board game called Raging Bulls by Mark Tuck that really only needs a single sheet of paper to enjoy.

Raging Bulls Logo
Raging Bulls by Mark Tuck (2017)

Ideally, you’ll have paper, a pencil, three six-sided dice (3d6), and a straight edge — but you can totally play this using virtual online dice and you can free-hand the lines if you’re without.

The story is that there are all these angry bulls in a field causing trouble. You need to build fences isolating them from each other, and from the rest of the world.

This is a game of chucking dice, making decisions, and pressing your luck a bit. As you play your options become more and more restricted and it becomes quite the little puzzle. It’s broken up into four boards, each one getting slightly more difficult than the next. Your final score is your combined score across all four boards. It’s definitely worth a try at the low low price of one piece of paper!

You can find virtual dice online easily, and there is even this virtual graph paper if you want to try to play on your computer.

Here is a nicely done YouTube review that explains how to play Raging Bulls.

How to play Raging Bulls by Marco Arnaudo

Also, the folks at Shut Up and Sit Down mentioned it in a round up of quality print and play games.

Raging Bulls starts at the 5:18 mark.

Give it a try! Stretching your brain a bit to learn the rules to a new game is healthy, and hey, this might be fun!

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