Visit UES for Japanese Denim in Osaka

If you’re into Japanese jeans, denim, and are visiting Osaka be sure to check out UES. They have jeans, of course, but also flannel and denim accessories, like pouches and caps. UES is one of my favorite Japanes denim companies… My other favorites are currently probably Studio D’Artisan and Oni Denim.

Here are some shots of a pair of UES LOT400T, size 30L that I picked up for about 200 USD. When purchased they were super rigid and not slubby. Very traditional. They have been a ton of fun to break in, as the stark contrast from day one when they were stiff as a board to now when they have become are quite comfortable. I’ll need to post some current shots later.

UES Denim

Japanese denim has gained global popularity due to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship, often utilizing traditional methods such as shuttle loom weaving and natural indigo dyeing. Japanese brands like UES in Osaka are revered for their attention to detail, creating jeans that not only fit well but also tell a story of artisanal skill and cultural heritage. Really the only thing you’ll need to worry about with a pair of UES is crotch blowout… which unfortunately could happen to any of us… Visit the shop to ensure you get a pair that fits you well to mitigate.

These UES jeans feel like, work jeans. Not the fancy fashionable stuff, but jeans that are traditionally made, and made tough. Like many Japanese denim shops, they can cut and chain stitch for length right in the shop if you need it. You can also bring in your UES products for repair anytime for a small fee.

Here is a shot from inside of the shop in Osaka. Though, renovations are coming soon so it may look different when you visit.

UES also has an online store with an unexpectedly on-the-nose URL…

Check them out! Might be fun.

They used to have a Tokyo location in Daikanyama, but it closed in March 2022. Note, the Osaka UES location will be closed for renovations from July 10 to 31.

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