Sleeping Queens Card Game Keeps Kids Engaged and Off Screens

Sleeping Queens

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I’ve purchased quite a few board games for the express purchase of playing with my kid. In terms of pure number of plays, I don’t think any of the games I own top Sleeping Queens (paid link). Low bar, but, it’s more fun for adults than Uno.

Sleeping Queens is pretty simple to teach, yet is gamey enough to keep the parents engaged for a bit as well. Basically you are drawing cards digging through the deck looking for cards that will let you take a queen from the middle of the play area. There are cards that will let you attack other players of your choice by targeting queens they have already taken, and cards to let you stop those attempts. You get rid of unwanted cards by discarding number pairs, or by discarding sums like 3+2=5 so discard the 3, 2, and 5! Look! It’s educational!

The queen and king characters are cute, and your little ones will quickly be telling you who their favorite is. There are even cute mechanics like, you can’t have the Cat Queen and the Dog Queen in play at the same time, because dogs and cats don’t get along. Nice.

My copy of Sleeping Queens (paid link) has had so many plays it’s starting to get worn out. I’ve played it one vs one with my kid, with three players when mom joins in, and with four when a friend is around. The games are quick enough not to overstay its welcome, and since it’s really mostly random, kids have an opportunity to legitimately beat their ultra geeky gamer dads in a fair match. (Or geeky gamer moms, but yeah, I’m a dad.)

If you’re looking for a simple but quirky game to play with the family and young kids, this is a good one! It’s frequently on sale for less than $11.00 USD, so give it a shot — might be fun!

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