Naoshima, Japan’s Art Island

If you’ve been to Japan a few times and are looking for a new destination, or if you’re just way into art and handmade items, I highly recommend Naoshima, sometimes referred to as Japan’s art island.

I went to Naoshima in 2005. Looking back at my notes from that visit, I notice that I wrote that the entire island had only one cafe, called Cafe Maruya. It looks like Cafe Maruya’s blog hasn’t been updated since 2012.

I’m sure there are literally dozens of cafe’s on Naoshima now. Dozens!

If you plan to visit Naoshima, I’d recommend at least staying for two days. There’s a lot to see and it’s a long trip.

Here’s a solid Naoshima video from Nov 2019.

Here’s some photos I took during my 2005 visit to Naoshima.

Naoshima Art 2005 Pumpkin 2
One of the famous Naoshima Pumpkins
Naoshima Art 2005 Pumpkin 4
Naoshima Art 2005 3
An art installation on Naoshima in 2005
Naoshima Art 2005 2
An art installation on Naoshima in 2005 (Looks like ice stairs.)
Naoshima Port 2005
Naoshima 2005 (Probably the main harbor.)

If you’ve been to Naoshima recently, I would love to hear how things have changed!

How to get to Naoshima:


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