Japanese Lesson from Games: Nobody on the Right

Fire Emblem Three Houses is FILLED with advanced Japanese phrases and vocabulary. The game is entirely voiced, and you can replay any dialog you want as long as you don’t leave the dialog sequence. The Nintendo Switch is region free, and many (not all) games, including Fire Emblem, have the full Japanese text and audio available in the U.S. release of the game. No need to import from Japan! This is an amazing resource for gamers who are learning Japanese. Here’s my latest grab!

Fire Emblem Vocab - Migi ni Deru
migi ni deru mono ha inai yo na

Japanese: 右に出る者はいない

Hiragana: みぎにでるものはいない

Romaji: migi ni deru mono ha inai

Literal Meaning: No one comes to your/his/her right.

This expression is used to indicate that someone is top of their class, a master of their profession. When lined up in order of skill, no one will be placed ahead of them.

Apparently, back in the day, it was typical for formal Japanese settings to be arranged so that people of higher rank, or more seniority, would be positioned on the right.

I tweeted this as well! Check my Twitter account @Japannewbie for more occasional Japanese language tidbits from games.

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