Japanese Lesson from Games: 難攻不落

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Nankou Furaku
ima ya ano yousai wa nankoufuraku da

Japanese: 難攻不落

Hiragana: なんこうふらく

Romaji: nankou furaku

Literal Meaning: Difficult to attack, won’t fall.

The entire sentence here is 今やあの要塞は難攻不落だ。

要塞 (ようさい) means fortress.

今や well, 今 (いま) means now. The extra particle や is for emphasis, and a smaller nuance that I won’t get into here.

So here Claude is saying, “Now that fortress is impenetrable.” Tough to attack, impossible to topple.

Initial searches for this term online mostly resulted in websites explaining what the term means… I did find this Japanese manga that has the term right in the title though. It’s called 難攻不落の魔王城へようこそ and it’s on

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