Imakumano Kannonji Temple in Kyoto

I decided to visit Imakumano Kannonji after looking for a place in Kyoto that wouldn’t be crowded with tourists. Imakumano delivered. There was hardly anyone around when we visited in February 2020, perhaps the Corona Virus had something to do with it, but it is so out of the way I expect that it never sees large crowds. The site is large and it’s a good walk to see everything if you don’t use a taxi. A great site to visit on a good-weather day when you want to avoid the crowds but still see something special.

The complex is large and there are several sites to visit. One of them is Kaikoji Temple.

The largest standing wooden Buddha statue is located in Kaiko-ji Temple, which is on the way to Imakumano, and is worth the visit. At 5.4 meters tall, it was quite impressive. Photos of the inside are not allowed so you’ll have to take my word for it. They also have an audio presentation that will explain the site in English.

Kaikoji Temple Explanation

This is probably not the most efficient trip plan, but we visited Imakumanoji Kannonji after a visit to Sanjusangendo. It was about a 20 minute walk from one site to the the other and we stopped for lunch in between. I was with an elementary school kid who can only enjoy about two cultural sites a day, so this was our original plan.

Walk from Sanjusangendo to Imakumano Kannonji Temple, click for Google Maps Link
Imakumano Kannon near Kaikoji Temple
Near Kaikoji Temple
Imakumano Kannonji Entrance
After a long walk you can find the entrance to Imakumano Kannonji
Imakumano Kannon
The most photographed vantage point of the main building.
Imakumano Kannonji

I’m sure this area is even more beautiful in the fall when the leaves have changed.

If you’re looking for a Kyoto site to visit that is somewhat off the beaten path, consider a visit!


Imakumano Kannonji Temple – This YouTube video will give you an idea of the site
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