Fightsticks – Japanese to help your shopping

If you’re into building fightsticks you might find yourself looking at Japanese websites to source your parts.

You know, those buttons from that one rare brand that you just can’t find elsewhere. Or maybe you’re going to visit Japan and want to shop for some parts so need some language help. I’m hoping this list of key vocab terms will help you out!

If there is anything related to joysticks that you are wondering how to say or read in Japanese that is not listed here, just let me know in the comments.

Japanese Vocab for Fightstick Buttons

30φThis isn’t a Japanese word, but it is how Japanese write 30 mm diameter
ハメ込み式“hame komi shiki” Snap-in buttons. Push-in buttons.
ネジ式“neji shiki” Screw-in buttons.
静音“seion” (pronounced like, ‘say own”) Silent / Quiet
アケコンShort for “arcade controller.” Basically means joystick.
レバーボール“lebaa booru” Lever ball. Means the ball top for the lever.
レバータイプ“lebaa taipu” a joystick with a lever. As opposed to a all-button hitbox.
ノビレバー“Nobi Lebaa” Nobi Lever. Lever from the specific model, Nobi. Designed with input from pro-player“Nobi”.
アクリル板“akuriru ban” Acrylic cover
ケース“kay-su” Case. The case for the joystick.
サイドパネル“saido paneru” Side panel
ゴム足“gomu ashi” Rubber feet
USB取り口“USB toriguchi” The USB port.

Japanese Vocab for Fightstick Companies

セイミツ工業Seimitsu (It says Seimitsu Kougyou, which is the full company name.)
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